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Baum Lake in early summer. Burney Mountain and Thousand Lakes Wilderness, snow covered, in view.

Baum Lake

This lovely lake is nestled by a small fish hatchery, making for a very popular fishing spot. Nearby, the lakeside trail joins with the Pacific Crest Trail, and is an excellent for hiking in all seasons. During the fall, the colors of the changing oak leaves are especially spectacular. 

In addition to hiking and fishing, wild life and bird enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the variety of creatures that can be seen throughout the year.  A popular hub for aquatic birds, such as pelicans, herons, ducks and geese, the lake is also frequented by a variety of predatory birds. Osprey can be seen diving for fish, while falcons and eagles soaring overhead. In the water, small mammals including river otters can be seen.

Facilities at the area include restrooms, trashcans, and picnic tables. 

Recommended Activities

  • Hiking

  • Fishing

  • Kayaking

  • Canoeing

  • Picnicking

  • Bird Watching

Known Wildlife

  • Osprey, Eagles, Hawks, Pelicans, Herons, Ducks, Geese

  • Muskrats, Minks, River Otters

  • Terrapins, Snakes, Lizards

  • Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout

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