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As a diverse recreation collaborative, we are dedicated to creating and improving recreation experiences in the Intermountain Region. Our goals include fostering a dynamic and thriving tourist economy and encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle among our local residents. In addition, we intend to highlight the many opportunities for recreation across our stunning landscape in hopes to attract a diverse range of recreation and leisure tourism which will in turn invigorate our local economy. 

target area


vibrant recreation & tourism

Modern & Accessible
Couple Enjoying Outdoor

Modern, well designed recreation is efficient, functioning, and accessible for all. 

Accessible infrastructure improvements will benefit our communities residents and visitors.



Recreation facilities need to prepare for an increase in visitation and more diverse demographics.

In the future we would like to prioritize  a Intermountain Accessible guide with a comprehensive list of recreation activities and locations suited for folks of any ability. 

 Some ideas IMRC has identified and prioritized:

  • Driving tour

  • ADA compliant paved hike

  • Birding guide

Thriving Community
Mountain Biking

A strong recreation economy can help strengthen a community's image

and resilience

Strengthen existing businesses and attract new ventures.

Increase livability, sense of community and appeal.

Learn more about our community development research and projects:

Survey results

Revitalization survey results

The IMRC has identified and is currently pursuing funding for the following projects:

  • Portable AV system

    • Funding a portable AV system to host community events and fundraisers​

  • EV charge stations

    • Funding the creation of EV charge stations in Fall River/McArthur, Old Station and Bieber.​

natural resources

Recreation projects can help engage the community & build respect & local ownership for

our natural areas.

Spending time outdoors encourages a sense of care for the land and its resources.

Well designed recreation projects can help protect natural resources from misuse. 

IMRC has identified the following as high priority recreation projects to fund and develop:

  • Mountain Biking

    • Creation of a mountain biking trail/loop​

  • Disc golf

    • Creation of a disc golf course within the community of Burney or Fall River​​​

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