As a diverse recreation collaborative, we are dedicated to creating and improving recreation experiences in the Intermountain Region. Our goals include fostering a dynamic and thriving tourist economy and encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle among our local residents. In addition, we intend to highlight the many opportunities for recreation across our stunning landscape in hopes to attract a diverse range of recreation and leisure tourism which will in turn invigorate our local economy. 

The Eastern Shasta Intermountain area is in desperate need of revitalization. Multiple small towns dot the volcanic landscape ranging from populations of 100 to 3,500 and include Burney, Fall River Mills, McArthur, Hat Creek, and Old Station. Due to the economic recession of 2008 and subsequent closure of multiple lumber mills in the region, the economy has been struggling with a scarcity of jobs, a lack of skilled workforce and limited career opportunities for residents. Many families in the Intermountain area live below the poverty line, with an increasing amount of young families leaving the area due to lack of employment opportunities.

Fortunately, these gateway communities to Lassen Volcanic National Park and McArthur- Burney Memorial Falls State Park have no shortage of recreation potential. The region boasts multiple USFS campgrounds and recreation facilities, blue ribbon trout streams, the Pacific Flyway’s draw for birdwatchers and duck hunters, and access to the Pacific Crest Trail at multiple points. Scores of roads and trails offer endless possibilities for mountain bikers, hikers and OHVers. Unfortunately, a lack of public land management funding and staff has left federal lands struggling to effectively manage public campgrounds and wilderness recreation areas. 

Creating new recreation opportunities that include mountain biking and OHV trails could draw in a younger group of recreationists that are seeking new experiences and locales. Enhancing existing campgrounds with improved facilities, updated interpretive information and educational programs would benefit visitors and their families. Improving existing infrastructure to limit degradation and spread the fishing impact out to multiple access points would improve the recreation user experience. Creation of walking and biking trails near the region’s communities would enrich the health and wellness of residents and visitors alike.

This project will help launch a new era that brings recreation to the forefront of the Eastern Shasta region. This project will help us assemble stakeholders, gather input from the public, work alongside existing recreation collaboratives, create an identity for Eastern Shasta’s recreation vision, develop a recreation plan that identifies priority projects, and develop several project concepts that will be ready to submit for future funding opportunities. 

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spring-Summer 2020 

form recreation collaborative

Summer-fall 2020 

gather community input

Summer-fall 2020 

identify priority projects


Develop at least 3 projects


Apply for implementation funding


Implement projects & Look to the future


target area


vibrant recreation & tourism

Modern & Accessible
Couple Enjoying Outdoor

Accessible infrastructure improvements will benefit our communities residents and visitors.



Recreation facilities need to prepare for an increase in visitation and more diverse demographics.

Modern, well designed recreation is efficient, functioning, and accessible for all. 

Thriving Community
Mountain Biking

Strengthen existing businesses and attract new businesses.

Increase livability, sense of community and appeal.

A strong recreation economy can help strengthen a community's image

and resilience

natural resources

Spending time outdoors encourages a sense of care for the land and its resources.

Well designed recreation projects can help protect natural resources from misuse. 

Recreation projects can help engage the community & build respect & local ownership for

our natural areas.